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The Church of God Practices the Love of Christ

First of all, I give praises to God Almighty who has led each age by
His providence and through His indestructible power.

The day is coming when we will see the glory of a new heaven and earth. And God has opened a new age for the Church of God and entrusted this church with the mission of the worldwide evangelization. We all church members are sensible of our responsibility for the mission. And we are trying to perform the mission that the Christ has given us (Matt. 28:18), doing good and practicing love.

Rev. General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol

Our church is the only true church which God has established on this earth (Acts 20:28). Through all ages and histories, there has constantly been good and evil and the two have been opposed to each other―truth has always hated falsehood, and falsehood truth.

In such history, truth has constantly been oppressed and persecuted. Even for an instant, however, falsehood has not been able to overcome truth, and darkness the light. For God has always been on the side of truth and in the light.

So is the Church of God. Even under severe persecution and false incrimination, our church has been keeping the faith and the spirit that the Early Church had, and has never bowed the knee to Baal. And now our church is taking the lead in the work of salvation, proclaiming the truth of God. The one and only reason our church exists on this earth is that it has the mission of doing the work of God. To fulfill the mission, we will preach the gospel and lead the world to eternal life, salvation and the kingdom of heaven with all our strength.

God says that truth is the light. Church of God will shine the light everywhere. For this church has the truth God has promised and He is always with this church. Every place the light does not shine on will be under the control of darkness―there will be only darkness and death.

We've learned holy sacrifice and love from God. That's why Church of God is trying to give such a love to the world. We will surely give the light to the people. We will give them the truth. And we will give them God's wondrous love.

In this new age, I hope that all who are endeavoring to enter the kingdom of heaven will abide in God's constant love. Grace and blessing to you from the Spirit and the Bride.

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