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Auxiliary Facilities

Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute

The training institute, which is fully equipped with
the latest facilities and enables the members to hold events with over 20,000 people

The name of the Institute, “Go&Come” means to lead all people into the arms of Jerusalem by following the word of Christ to “GO” and preach the gospel even to the ends of the world, and delivering the voice of the Spirit and the Bride, who say, “COME” to receive the water of life. The Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute, which consists of a main building which can hold events of 15,000 people, a gymnasium, grass soccer field, seminar halls, a cafeteria, three buildings for lodging, a man-made waterfall, resting places and large parking space, is used for the gospel work to the fullest.

Elohim Training Institute

The cradle of world evangelism, where diverse
Church events including Bible seminars are held

Elohim means “Gods” in Hebrews. The name of the Elohim Training Institute means that it is the institute of Elohim, God the Father and God the Mother, who said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness . . .” (Genesis 1:26).
The Elohim Training Institute, the cradle of world evangelism, has an outdoor stage, stands, four assembly halls, lodgings, a cafeteria, an orchard, a swimming pool and a traditional Korean house which allows the members to experience the times when Christ Ahnsahnghong preached the gospel.

Jounyisan Training Institute

The ark of the gospel, where prophets are educated and various local Church events are held

The Jounyisan Training Institute is located on the top of Mt. Jeonyi. Local Church events as well as education for pastoral staff are held here. Inside the beautiful building of the institute there are a main worship hall, lecture halls where Bible seminars are held, and an observatory, and outside the building there are a small man-made waterfall, a pond and a promenade.

The Church of God Theological Seminary

A professional institute to educate pastoral staff

The Church of God Theological Seminary is the professional education institute to educate pastoral staff.
Following the will of God who commanded us, “Preach the gospel to Samaria and even to the ends of the earth,” prophets who will display the glory of the Spirit and the Bride are educated here.

The Church of God History Museum

The history museum, which shows God’s 6,000-
year redemption work

The Church of God History Museum shows not only the history of the Old and New Testaments, but also our previous life in the angelic world before we were born in this world, and the next world where we will go. And here you can also witness the sacrifice of Father and Mother.
Beginning with the Heaven’s Hall that shows the story of how we came down to this earth after sinning in heaven, it consists of total eight halls: Heaven’s Hall, Old Testament Hall, New Testament Hall, Dark Age Hall, Heavenly Father’s Hall, Heavenly Mother’s Hall, Church of God Hall, and Future Hall.

Messiah Orchestra

The orchestra comforting the global neighbors with beautiful melodies which contains the love of God the Mother

The Messiah Orchestra, which has 100 members, was founded in 2000 and has put on concerts every year.
Through their charity concert, they deliver the love of God Elohim and hope to our neighbors who are suffering from natural disasters, and receive favorable reviews from many people inside and outside of Korea

Saet-byeol Kindergarten

A kindergarten, which educates children to honor
God, love their parents and serve others

At the Saet-byeol kindergarten, children are educated to become the people of God, who give love to others rather than receive it, give thanks and glory to God, see neighbors in the world with warmheartedness, and have a mind broader than the sea.